Advantages of Auger Cast Piles

Advantages of Auger Cast Piles

Auger cast piles have been the favorite of many builders for building secant (or interlocking) piled wall amongst other techniques for the purpose of deep foundation. This is due to their durability and reliability in operation. Auger cast piles can be employed in the ground containing water-bearing sands, clay, soft rocks and gravel without failure.

However, the characteristics and conditions of soils must be tested and understood before the commencement of drilling. Also, the volume and pressure of the concrete mix must be carefully controlled for a better result. Having taken care of all these, auger cast piles are the best option for any form of retaining walls and below are the advantages:

  • No vibration effect: The installation of auger cast piles is free of vibration unlike other methods of piles forming. Auger cast piles installation is technical but without causing any vibration effects or damage to the nearby structural components, equipment or other existing footings.
  • Quietness: Unlike driven pile, auger cast piles are drilled and pumped into piles with little to no noise. The noise and vibration generated by driving piles or other methods of concrete forming are eliminated in auger cast piles.
  • Flexibility in modification: The size and length can be varied based on the pile requirement. This has helped the engineers in the control of material wastage on site. If there is any adjustment in the length or size of piles during the forming process, auger cast piles can be easily adjusted as applicable using the same pile rig in operation by replacing the guide and flighting devices. The installation of various sizes of piles for different capacities is possible.
  • Cost effective: Auger cast piles have been considered most cost efficient, especially for large foundation project, compared to other techniques of deep foundation. The result of auger cast piles is more reliable and cost effective, which gives them value for the investment.
  • No temporary casing is required: The earth-filled piles maintain the form shape during installation and drilling stage of the pile hole forming. The forces produced during grouting and withdrawal phase exceed the lateral soil pressure.
  • Suitable for limited headroom conditions: Auger cast piles installation can be possible in the limited headroom conditions. They can be directly installed inside existing buildings with the height not less than 7 – 10 feet from ground level.
  • High friction capacity: In most soil conditions, auger cast piles have rough and irregular surface area, and this makes them a good option for purposeful friction capacity pile. This is a unique feature that has found its function in many applications.
  • Pile soil can be inspected: Another advantage of auger cast pile is the ability to inspect and test the pile soil as it is displaced along the length of the whole pile. The concrete mix pumped into cast pile forces out the existing soil throughout the pile length to allow for inspection and testing.


Auger cast piles have been tested to stand the test of time in offering strong and rigid deep foundation. Their retaining wall capacity is of great importance in some special cases of soil conditions. They have been found efficient on environmentally-sensitive site locations. Considering their high load capacity, cost effectiveness, affinity for poor subsoil, friction and end-bearing advantages, it is glaring that auger cast piles give the best result in the deep foundation.

However, it is important that experienced and professional vendor handle your auger cast piles to enjoy all these advantages. When it comes to tested and trusted deep foundation company, you can call on us. We will give you the best service ever. All our engineering teams are experienced in auger cast piles.

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