Beckham’s Plan For $1B ‘Miami Freedom Park’

Beckham’s Plan For $1B ‘Miami Freedom Park’

David Beckham has launched a campaign to win approval to build a stadium and office complex on what is currently Miami’s biggest public park.

According to a newly released video, his proposed complex is to be called “Miami Freedom Park.”

It would be built at the 180-acre Melreese golf course. In total, 70 of 180 acres will be developed.

The proposal appears to be in flux, and has changed dramatically in just the past week. As of now it includes:

  • $1 billion in total cost
  • $20m donation to the city to build remaining acreage into a park
  • Beckham promises he will be paying fair market value to lease the park land
  • 400,000 square feet of leasable office space could be built (one of the largest office complexes in the county)
  • 600,000 square feet of restaurant, retail and entertainment space
  • A golf entertainment facility
  • 750 hotel rooms
  • 25,000 seat stadium
  • 3,750 parking spaces, mostly underground
  • Will be a “tech hub,” which will generate a claimed 11,000 jobs in just three years and $40m tax revenue

Beckham will be visiting a Miami Commission meeting this week, and rallying fans there.

The goal is to get the development and lease agreement on the ballot this November. That will require a quick approval from Miami commissioners to approve the referendum, just days after they were first shown the plans.



Story by: TNM Staff – Posted on July 8, 2018
Photo Courtesy: The Next Miami
Video Courtesy: The Next Miami ⇒ Link to video

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