Installation of Auger Cast Piles

Installation of Auger Cast Piles

The auger cast piles are usually installed by the rotation of a continuous flight hollow shaft auger into a deep soil foundation. The concrete fluid or grout is pumped under pressure into the hollow shaft center by a flexible tube/hose while the concrete is prevented from being expelled by the provision of a temporary cap.

Then the auger is drilled deep into the ground to the required depth and when the required depth is reached, it is slowly withdrawn by turning it in a clockwise direction, displacing the soil on the surface and forming the piles from the base of the shaft. The auger cast piles curing starts immediately the process completes.

However, the strength of piles can be increased if reinforcement rebar cage is inserted into the cement mix before curing. Auger cast piles have proffer solutions to much irregular soil casting issues, and this has made them stand out amongst their peers in ground reinforcement. Let’s discuss their advantages over other techniques.

** In our next article, we will speak about the advantages of auger cast piles **

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