Introduction of Auger Cast Piles

Introduction of Auger Cast Piles

Auger cast piles are small diameter cast-in-place deep foundation members with a varied diameter ranging from 12” to 48”.

In addition, they are also referred to as CFA (continuous flight augering) and are the most efficient in in-cohesive and granular soil or high water tables. Auger cast are cast in-place with the application of a continuous flight auger with a form of a hollow at the center to receive liquid cement before the auger is pulled out.

Auger cast piles are characterized by quiet installation with minimum vibration. Based on the soil properties and nearest to rock, auger cast piles can be cast as friction, end-bearing or combination of both.

The importance of an auger cast piles cannot be overemphasized, especially in areas with soft grounds. Only auger cast piles have been discovered to efficiently serve the purpose of casting deep foundation opposed to other construction methods that would require support or casing fluids to hold the ground in position.

Compared to driven piles techniques, auger cast piles are environmentally-sensitive with minimal noise and vibration. They are firmer than prefabricated piles due to the additional soil friction around the piles from in-place casting. These and many other benefits that made auger cast piles more preferable to other techniques of soil reinforcement will be spoken about in upcoming posts.


** In our next article, we will speak about how auger cast piles are installed **


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